Photo: Eivind SandeThe White Wagtail from November stayed until the 1st, and thereby bacame the first December record of the species on Utsira.

A couple of Common Chiffchaffs also stayed put in the beginning of the month, of which an eastern bird until the 3rd.

On the 2nd, a Jack Snipe in the northern fields was the first for a while. Same day one of the month´s three Black-headed Gulls.

Seven Brant Geese bernicla was in the east from the 2nd, and it was still 13 Bean Geese the same day. Meanwhile, there are two Greater White-fronted Geese around while the Greylags numbered 54 at most. A single Barnacle visited on the 16th.

The two Little Grebes and a Greater Scaup are residing in the north harbour. Two Red-breasted Mergansers have been staying in both the north and south harbours.

On the 8th, 100 Black-legged Kittiwakes (the highest count in the second half of the year) and ten Little Auks moved south on the eastern side of the island while a Scaup sat on the water.

Photo: Eivind SandeThe month´s Whooper Swan was at the lake on the 16th. Same day gave a Dunnock in Herberg, and a hunting Long-eared Owl over the reeds at dusk.

Otherwise there are some flocks of Common Starlings and Redwings coburni plus a few Song Thrushes around the island.

Three Bohemian Waxwings sat in the trees in Herberg on the 17th.

Raptors are represented by up to two White-tailed Eagles, Northern Goshawk and Eurasian Sparrowhawk. A Great Spotted Woodpecker is seen or heard occasionally.

Following this review of December is a list of species seen during 2011.

A total of 220 species were recorded on Utsira in 2011, a record year. Most species per person as follows:

Geir Mobakken 205 species
Atle Grimsby 197
Øystein B. Nilsen 195
Sveinung Larsen 188