The all-black corvids from June lingered, and for the Rooks this is against the norm. Other unseasonable species were Sand Martin on the 2nd, two Hawfinches from the 9th, Spotted Flycatcher on the 14th and a Fieldfare on the 18th.

Petrel ringing came into force on the 11th, most nights giving one or two European Storm Petrels, six at the most.

Peregrine Falcon, Common Grasshopper Warbler and Red-backed Shrike is other species still present. On the 17th two Red Knots flew over.

A Two-barred Crossbill was seen briefly on the 22nd. Two days later a pair was in the ringing forests, the female of which found its way to the net. On the 26th, two males were seen.

Two-barred Crossbill

A Wood Warbler on the 24th was the first July record of the species for many years.

The first national rarity of the second half of the year fell to a Rosy Starling (Geir Mobakken) in the north on the 25th. It stayed for some days in the company of local Common Starlings.

Sand Martin, Wood Warbler and Spotted Flycatcher turned up again on the 28th.

European Storm PetrelRosy Starling