Hume´s Leaf Warbler (Sveinung Larsen)16th–30th November

Last period´s wildfowl mostly stayed put but got slightly reduced, unfortunately also because local shooting. Fortunately, a big and hungry Goshawk is present so any wounded birds are soon handled by this nature´s own scavenger.

A couple of the Scaups were faithful to the lake until the 24th.

Another addition the the duck-list was a Northern Shoveler (Geir Mobakken) in the southeast on the 19th, a species that has been showing no interest in Utsira since 2002.

A Great Northern Loon flew south on the 17th. Two of the Little Grebes have taken up residence in the north harbour.

On the 19th a Common Chiffchaff tristis was seen and heard in the north. The Hume´s Leaf Warbler was last seen on the 24th, in the company of the Yellow-browed Warbler. Other stayers was a Great Grey Shrike until the 21st.

A White Wagtail alba (adult male) has been present from the 19th, in fact the latest ever for Utsira.

One more Long-eared Owl was caught on the 20th, this being the last day with ringing this year and a fitting end to a fabulous ringing year.

A Lapland Longspur on the 22nd appeared a couple of days later than last year´s latest. A Bohemian Waxwing on the 23rd.

300 Northern Fulmars passed the isle on the 27th. On the same day a Black Redstart and a Twite were in the south.

A new Whooper Swan on the 29th.

Bean Goose rossicus (Øystein B. Nilsen)

Black Redstart (Øystein B. Nilsen)

Little Grebe (Øystein B. Nilsen)

Common Chiffchaff eastern type (Sveinung Larsen)Hume´s Leaf Warbler (Øystein B Nilsen)