Monthly report January 2020

General: coverage and weather:
Highest temperature as 8.7degC  (21st) and lowest 2.0degC (4th). Most precipitation in one day was 18.1mm (6th). Highest wind speed was 23.3 m/s (14th). Total number of bird species ended on 43 versus 52 species the previous year.

Three raptor species during January is below par. A Sparrowhawk was reported on the 3rd, otherwise there were reports of the local White-tailed Eagle and Peregrine Falcon throughout the month with one to two birds being noted.

It was also under normal geese numbers in what is usually one of the best months with only three to four Greylags from the 10th until the end of the month.

The most notable bird was a Gadwall that was first found in Nordvik on the 22nd and then later relocated in Sørevågen from the 24th to the end of the month.

A Golden Plover on the 4th, a Curlew between the 5th and 25th and three to four Lapwings between the 4th and 11th are also worth a mention. Otherwise it has been a while since both white-winged gulls have been noted in the same month. A juvenile Glaucous Gull was at Lausingen on the 10th and two different Iceland Gulls (2nd year and 4th year) were on various fields in the south of the island following strong winds the day before.


Iceland Gull (Håkon Heggland)

Boatmen noted 60 Purple Sandpiper, two Little Auks, Razorbill and two Guillemot between Lausingen and Spannholmane on the 10th.

The first week gave an influx of two-figure counts of Blackbird and Fieldfare, otherwise there few movements of passerines. A Woodpigeon between the 18th and 23rd and seven resident Tree Sparrow as well as two Carrion Crow were the other birds of note.

No activity.

Years ticks:
This year’s first month resulted in 43 different species and therefore represent the first 43 species for the year.

Rarities/local scarcities:
15th record of Gadwall the last in April 2013.


Gadwall (Atle Grimsby)