Little Bunting (Bjørn Ove Høyland)1st–15th June

The weather continued where it left in May and it was slow going for a week. From the 5th the weather forces was on our side, and gave us the following day two Common Cranes, which like the first record this year in February was a new phenology date for Utsira. Then the 7th brought a singing Little Bunting in the ringing forest, diligently tracked down by an alert observer. It was the fourth spring record for the island. Shortly thereafter a Eurasian Hobby passed over.

Four Marsh Warblers were trapped on the 9th. The year´s first Eurasian Reed Warbler on the same day is just another example of Utsira being a place where rare birds can be commoner than common birds. Other unusual captures these days were White Wagtail yarrellii, Red Crossbill and Hawfinch.

A Long-eared Owl on the 9th is a late occurrence for Utsira but it can just as well be a lingering bird from May. Two days later a Short-eared Owl was seen hunting at midnight (the days are getting longer).

A small flock of Snow Buntings have been here since May, remnants of which was last seen on the 10th, another new late date for the island.

Spannholmane was visited on the 10th and apart from the usual species there were 250 Common Scoters, one Velvet Scoter and one Long-tailed Duck around the skerries. Also four Red-throated Loons and one Great Skua on the 10th.

Hawfinch (Egil Ween)

Snow Bunting (Egil Ween)

Marsh Warbler (Egil Ween)