Monthly report August 2018

Hoopoe (Photo: Isak Grimsby)General - coverage and weather:
Average temperature was 14.7degC, 1.2degC over the normal. Highest temperature was 19.4degC (7th) and lowest was 10.0degC (24th). Total rainfall was 113.9mm. Most rainfall in one day was (25th). Highest wind speed was 15.5m/s (22nd). There was a total record low of 74 different species recorded during the month versus 85 recorded in August 2017.

No days with good passage numbers of raptors. Only single observations of Kestrel and Sparrowhawk during the period 14th to 31st. The local White-tailed Eagle and Peregrine were also reported.

Few days with seabird passage and an absence of any petrel ringing during the month contributed in the low species total for the month. The Mute Swan present from October is still present. A Manx Shearwater and two Sooty Shearwaters on the 17th, a flyby Spotted Redshank on the 15th and a Wood Sandpiper on the 2nd were the most notable records.

A good trip out to Spannholmane on the 3rd resulted in 40 Sanderling, 15 Knot, 10 Purple Sandpiper, five Dunlin and three Ringed Plover. Most of the tringa species were noted in smaller numbers through the month.

A Hoopoe was in the Veito area and gardens in Herberg on the 17th. Good breeding of Tree Sparrow during the summer resulted in 25 birds on the 3rd. Maybe the long hot summer and the persistent NW winds during the month have resulted in the low numbers of warblers and flycatchers? A young Rosy Starling at Nordvik on the 20th and 21st as well as a young Common Rosefinch trapped in Merkeskogen gave some good vibes. A few Common Crossbill were noted between the 14th and 25th.

A total of 35 birds of 11 different species were ringed during five days of ringing in Merkeskogen. The best day was the 18th when 25 birds were ringed of which Willow Warbler (8) and Chiffchaff (4) were the most numerous. A young Common Rosefinch was the most notable ringing record. Last August resulted in 68 birds being ringed of 18 different species.


Common Rosefinch (Photo: Atle Grimsby)

Year ticks:
There were six new species for the year: Purple Sandpiper and Sanderling (3rd) Spotted Redshank (15th), Sooty Shearwater and Hoopoe (17th) and Common Rosefinch (20th).

Rarities/local scarcities:
The 20th record of Hoopoe, the last in May 2016 as well as the 29th record of Rosy Starling, the last in August 2013.