Monthly report February 2018

General: coverage and weather:
Average temperature was 1.4 degC, 0.3 degC under the normal. Highest temperature was 6.0 degC (16th), and lowest -10.1 degC (28th). Total precipitation was 196.3mm. Most precipitation in one day was 27.5mm (9th). Highest wind speed was 26.0 m/s (15th). Total number of species for the month ended on 45 versus 43 the previous year for the same month. A Long-eared Owl was seen at the end of January increasing that month to 53 and increased the year list to 59.

The usual three expected species for the month were reported. Sparrowhawk were recorded with singles between the 1st and 19th. Otherwise the local Peregrine Falcon and White-tailed Eagle with two and three respectively were noted.

The Greylags from January were joined by two new birds on the 13th with six birds present from the 24th, and then increasing to 13 by the end of the month. Barnacle Geese after departing in January were again present from the 25th with three new birds. Six Mallard were present on the island between the 4th and 9th and then increased to 10 on the 10th. The flock was joined by a Teal on the 9th and 10th.

An early Dunlin on the 16th was the biggest surprise; otherwise there was a selection of waders including four Curlew, singles of Woodcock, and a few Snipe, with a maximum of 28 on the 19th. Five Lapwings were noted on the 16th with another single on the 25th.

A Woodpigeon arrived on the 16th and survived a couple of days before being taken by a Peregrine. Two Skylarks were noted between the 10th and 19th and on the 25th. Fieldfare and Redwing from January were present until the final cold period at the end of the month. There was a maximum 60 Fieldfare on the 18th and 15 Redwing on the 1st. A Yellowhammer that paid a visit to the feeders at Skare on the 20th was the most notable of the smaller passerines.

No ringing during the month.

Year ticks:
Six new species for the year included: Teal (9th), Skylark (10th), Woodpigeon and Dunlin (16th), Yellowhammer (20th) and Song Thrush (25th).

Rarities/local scarcities:
No species that fall into this category were noted during the month

Some February pictures taken by Atle Grimsby: