Monthly report November 2018

General: coverage and weather
Average temperature was 7.4degC, 1.8degC over the normal. Highest temperature was 13.4 degC (7th), and lowest was 0.8degC (25th). Total rainfall was 42.5mm. Most rainfall in one day was 9.1mm (15th) measures to 0700 (0800 summer time) for the previous 24 hours. Highest wind speed was 27.9 m/s (29th). There were 69 species recorded during the month, which compares well with the previous year when 70 species were recorded. Under reporting in is likely.

The most notable record from this group was a young Gyrfalcon that paid a brief visit to Koltemyr on the 6th. A juvenile Goshawk was at Kvalvik on the 11th. Sparrowhawk were reported with a maximum of 5 on the 18th with other records of singles throughout the month. The local Peregrine Falcons and White-tailed Eagles also put in a showing throughout the month.

The Mute Swan than turned up in October 2017 was present throughout the month. A Whooper Swan was briefly in Nordvikvågen on the 22nd. Three juvenile White-fronted Goose arrived in Nordvik on the 6th and were still present at the end of the month. They were joined by two Bean Geese on the 20th, which were also present at the end of the month. Low numbers of diving and dabbling ducks were both noted during the month. A Teal was in Småvågane on the 3rd, female Goldeneye at Måkskittmyr between the 11th and 13th and a female Goosander in Nordvikvågen on the 7th were the only notable records. Water Rail were noted with singles between the 1st and 18th. An Oystercatcher was in Sørevågen on the 19th, Golden Plover noted with singles until the 17th and a Curlew on the 9th. A juvenile Glaucous Gull was in Sørevågen on the 4th and a juvenile Iceland Gull at the same location on the 14th. There were no notable days with seabird passage..

A Black Redstart was present in Nordvikvågen between the 9th and 11th, a late Wheatear was up at Måkskittmyr on the 11th. Two Long-tailed Tit were noted between the 6th and 11th while two Goldfinch flew over Nordvik on the 11th and four Parrot Crossbill noted on the 17th. Otherwise there were low numbers of passerines during the month with the exception of some large thrush flocks from the start of the month until the 18th. Chiffchaff were recorded with one to two birds until the 18th with one of these (on the 18th) looking like a tirstis.

A total of 54 birds were ringed of 14 different species were ringed during one day of ringing activity in Merkeskogen. On the 6th November Goldcrest (10), Blue Tit and Blackbird were (7) were the most numerous species. A Yellowhammer, two Long-tailed Tit and two Blackcap were the most interesting species ringed. The previous November resulted in 80 species of 17 different species ringed during four days of activity.

Year ticks:
Three new species for the year in the form of: Iceland Gull (14th), Bean Goose (20th) and Whooper Swan (22nd).  

Rarities/local scarcities: none