Monthly report July 2021

General: coverage and weather

Highest temperature was 21-6degC (26th), and lowest was 12.1 degC (10th). Total rainfall was 108.1mm. Most rainfall in one day was 21.6mm (14th). Highest wind speed 19.3 m/s (7th) and highest average 14.7 m/s (31st). A total of 86 different species were noted during the month, which is well over the previous years’ 61 species.


July is not a typical good month for raptors on Utsira. A Kestrel on the 29th as well as the local Peregrine Falcons were the only records.


A Tufted Duck passed south east at Austrheim on the 29th. Eider numbers have been maintained throughout the month with large flocks of molting males and local young birds west of Lausingen and Spannholmane. A new maximum of 1470 was noted on the 25th. Common Scoter were noted in flocks of between 40 and 115 birds with a maximum of 130 birds on the 29th. Whimbrel were reported with one to two birds and a maximum of four on the 29th on Spannholmane. A Bar-tailed Godwit passed over Siradalen on the 24th.

Håkon Heggland made quite a few trips out to Spannholmane and Lausingen during the month which resulted in quite a few waders. One to 25 Turnstones were noted, Knot with one to eight between the 25th and 29th, Curlew Sandpiper with a single on Spannholmane on the 28th, Sanderling with one to 15 between the 20th and 30th and a maximum of 33 on the 27th. Dunlin were noted with between one and eight birds between the 3rd and 29th and a maximum of 26 on the 6th, Purple Sandpiper with one to nine birds between the 3rd and 30th and a maximum of 14 on the 29th. A Little Stint was on Lausingen on the 26th and 26th. 



Common Sandpiper was a possible breeder in Skjevika. Tringa wanders were also numerous on Spannholmane/Lausingen at the latter part of the month. The most notable report was the Wood Sandpiper which passed west on the 29th. 

Common Tern were noted with young in Sørevågen and Nordvikvågen and five to seven Arctic Terns were reported on Spannholmane with young on the 9th. Puffin were reported with five to 20 birds during the month. The 17th was the best day for seabird passage with Sooty Shearwater and 44 Manx Shearwater passing south west at Pedlenestet.


havlire juli 2021


A flyover Cuckoo in Herberg can indicate breeding success. Blyth’s Reed Warbler is confirmed as a breeder for the first time on Utsira. The pair ringed from June were seen carrying food on the 8th and a 1st year bird was seen at the same place in Herberg on the 26th. 



Icterine Warbler was noted with a single on the afternoon of the 25th and a late or early Garden Warbler was in Herberg on the 1st. A female-type Black Redstart was around Josteins’ cabin on the 25th and a new bird was in Kvalvik on the 30th. Rosefinch were reported with two singing male birds on the 1st, a bird in Merkeskogen the next day and a singing male in Herberg on the 3rd. 


rosenfink juli

Flyover Two-barred Crossbill were reported with a single on the 24th and two on the 29th. A few Rose-colored Starlings have been reported between the 8th and 31st. Håkon Heggland has mapped accurately with photo and plumage differences when with the large Starling flocks prior to roosting. A minimum of five different birds were involved including three together on the 29th and a long-stayer between the 23rd and 27th.


rosenstær juli 2021


There was no ringing during the month.

Year ticks:

Eight new species for the year: Turnstone (5th), Manx Shearwater and Sooty Shearwater (17th), Sanderling (20th), Two-barred Crossbill and Bar-tailed Godwit (24th), Little Stint (26th) as well as Curlew Sandpiper (28th).

Rarities/local scarcities:

1st breeding record of Blyth’s Reed Warbler. 

Curlew Sandpiper are seldom with the last recorded in September 2019.

Rose-colored Starling in record numbers – here is photo of the 3 individuals seen on the 29th.


rosenstærnr1 29juli2021HHE

rosenstær nr 2 29. juli 2021

rosenstær nr 3 29. juli 2021


All photo in this article is taken by Håkon Heggland

Written by Atle Grimsby and translated by Mark Thomson

Published by Egil Ween