Monthly report April 2022


General: coverage and weather
Highest temperature was 16.0 degC (22nd), and lowest was 0.5 degC (5th). Total rainfall was 46.8mm. Most rainfall in one day was 16.1mm (4th). Strongest wind speed was 26.9 m/s with an average of 21.4 m/s (4th). Total number of species ended on 114 versus 101 the previous April in 2021.


Seven different raptor species in April. Sparrowhawk were reported with singles between the 11th and 29th. Marsh Harrier were noted with a male on the 13th – 14th in Nordvik and a female on the 18th.


sivhauk adult hann april 2022


An adult male Hen Harrier visited the island on the 17th and 18th. White-tailed Eagles were represented with four different birds on the 1st and then one to three birds throughout the rest of the month. A female Kestrel was noted on the 13th and 14th, a male on the 14th and another on the 15th. Female Merlin was reported on the 1st and 29th. The local Peregrine Falcons was seen sporadically throughout the month.


Myrhauk adult hann april 2022


Barnacle Geese frequently have passage during the transition from April to May. The first 285 paased on the 28th, with 1150 on the 29th and 65 on the last day of the month. Greylag Goose were also present in good numbers with 30 to 60 birds and the first young on the sea at the end of the month. A single Pinkfoot passed over Merkeskogen on the 22nd. A pair of Shelduck passed NE from Spannholmane. Two Mandarine Ducks passed Pedleneset on the 16th.


mandarinand jkn


A male Scaup and a Tufted Duck passed Jupevikshaugen on the 30th. Common Scoter were noted in small numbers with 40 passing on the 29th. Three Goldeneye passed Sørevågen on the 16th. Two male Goosander passed east on the 15th and a pair passed north from Jupesvikshaugen on the 29th. A male Red-breasted Merganser passed east on the 17th, a male on the 25th and a pair passed north on the 29th. Lapwings were at Klovning on the 24th and 25th. Golden Plover were present with one to four birds from the 11th until months end. A Ringed Plover was at Klovning on the 28th. Three Whimbrel passed Jupevikshaugen on the 29th and a Turnstone there on the 30th A Dunlin was on Spannholmane on the 14th, as well as 310 and 200 Purple Sandpipers there on the 2nd and 14th respectively. Woodcock were noted with singles at various localities between the 11th and 22nd. Redshank and Green Sandpiper were represented with one to two birds from the 14th till months end.


Kittewakes were only reported with one to five birds sporadically throughout the month. Common Gull were present in large numbers with 350 on the sea on the 10th and a record 2050 the next day where the same day 8000 passed Lista. Guillemots were noted with 70 to 90 birds on the sea off Spannholmane from the 2nd until months end, Razorbill with 80 birds on the 2nd and more moderate numbers with five to 35 throughout the month. Puffin were noted with one to five birds during the month. Red-throated divers were on passage with a maximum of 132 past Jupevikshaugen on the 30th. Black-throated Diver were noted with an adult on the 29th and four the next day. An adult great Northern Diver passed close at Nordvikvågen on the 13th. White-billed Divers were noted with a single on the 28th, nine on the 29th and three on the 30th.


A flyover Great White Egret passed quickly over Merkeskogen on the 17th.


A Short-eared Owl came directly from the sea on passage on the 16th and was seen again in Søre Merkeskogen on the 21st. A Wryneck, first hear singing in Merkeskogen on the 21st was ringed there on the 23rd, while two were present on the 24th. Jackdaw were noted with a maximum of seven on the 30th, otherwise there were two to six birds throughout the month. Three Rooks were present until the 11th, with singles until the 21st. Swallow were noted in low numbers with one to five birds from the 17th until months end. Only singles of Sand Martin were reported between the 17th and 21st, while a House Martin was reported on the 30th.


A Grasshopper Warbler was ringed in Merkeskogen on the 18th. A record early Western Subalpine Warbler was also ringed in Merkeskogen on the 17th and was then re-found in Sørevågen on the 19th.


rødbrystsanger hhe


Blackap numbers were up to 46 on the 17th. Ring Ouzel were daily from the 12th with a maximum of 32 on the 23rd and good numbers throughout. Pied Flycatcher were reported with only singles on the 22nd, 23rd and 29th. Female Black Redstarts were noted with singles on the 1st and 12th and two on the 16th, three males on the 17th, and then two females on the 18th and 23rd. A female Stonechat was noted on the 12th, a pair on the 18th and an adult male on the 21st.


svartrødstjert 2k hann april 2022


House Sparrow are less than annual on the island so two at Hegglandhagen on the 29th and a male on the last of the month are noteworthy. Hawfinch were represented with one to two birds daily at various location between the 13th and 24th.


gråspurv hann april 2022


A female Bullfinch was with the other finches at Austre planning on the 24th. Two Twite were in Småvågene on the 18th, two on the 21st and two at Koltemyr on the 29th. Crossbills are uncommon in April – a female on the 2nd and two were in Merkeskogen on the 13rd. Two Goldfinch were at Hovland on the 2nd, followed by singles at various location throughout the month. An adult male Lapland Bunting was reported on the 21st. Four Snow Bunting were seen on Spannholmane on the 2nd and another at the same place on the 14th. A flyover Yellowhammer was at Austrheim and a Little Bunting ringed in Merkeskogen on the 17th and controlled again on the 19th.


During 18 days of ringing in Merkeskogen there were a total of 686 birds of 28 species ringed. The best day was 18th when 114 birds were ringed, of which Chiffchaff (46), Blackcap (24) and Robin (8) were the most numerous. The rarest ringing records were the Western Subalpine Warbler, a Little Bunting and a Grasshopper Warbler. The April of the previous year there were only 45 birds of 16 species during five days of ringing.


dvergspurv april 2022


Year ticks:
April result in 35 new species for the year: Merlin (1st), Ring Ouzel (12th), Goldfinch, Kestrel and Marsh Harriers (13th), Tree Pipit, Green Sandpiper, Collared Dove and Shelduck (14th), Goosander (15th), Willow Warbler, Mandarin Duck and Short-eared Owl (16th), Great White Egret, Sand Martin, Swallow, Western Subalpine Warbler and Little Bunting (17th), Twite, Whinchat, Redstart and Grasshopper Warbler (18th), Wryneck and Lapland Bunting (21st), Pied Flycatcher and Pink-footed goose (22nd), White-billed Diver and Barnacle Goose (28th), House Sparrow, Fulmar, Black-throated Diver and Whimbrel (29th), Tufted Duck, Scaup, Turnstone and House Martin (31st).


Rarities/local scarcities:
Third record of Great White Egret, the last in April 2016.
Third record of Western Subalpine Warbler, the last in April 2019 (but the 56th record of Subalpine Warbler complex, last in May 2019).
Fourth record of Mandarin Duck, the last in May 2018.


rødbrystsanger agr