Monthly report August 2022


General: coverage and weather
Highest temperature was 22.7 degC (15th) and lowest was 11.0 degC (6th). Total rainfall was Most rainfall in one day was 20.6mm (26th). Highest wind speed was 18.7 m/s (2nd). A total of 91 species were recorded during the month versus 82 the previous year.


An Osprey was in the Søre Merkeskogen-Lighthouse area on the 23rd and 24th. A young/female Marsh Harrier hunted around the island on several days between the 16th and 25th and more notable were two Pallid Harrier’s in the form of a garden tick for Geir in Normandiet on the 25th and Atle’s bird arriving at Pedleneset on the 30th. Kestrel and Sparrowhawk were noted daily from the 14th and 16th respectively with one to eight birds. The 23rd was the only day with notable raptor passage with 15 Kestrel , 20 Sparrowhawk and a Peregrine Falcon.


steppehauk atle2 aug2022


Good breeding numbers for Greylag Goose with 50 to 70 birds until 6th followed by low numbers from the 10th. A female Wigeon was on Måkeskittmyr on the 25th and seven Teal there on the 30th. Whimbrel were reported with singles on the 13th and 17th. Good numbers of Turnstone with 45 on Lausingen and 18 on Spannholmane on the 1st, 15 on Spannanes on the 17th and singles in Sørevågen on the 25th and Helganes on the 31st.


steinvender hhe aug 2022


Three Knot were on Helganes on the 31st, A Ruff was noted on the 24th. 11 Sanderling were on Spannholmane on the 1st, six on Spannanes on the 17th and ten on Helganes on the 31st. Dunlin were noted with only ten on Spannanes on the 17th and four on Helganes on the 31st. 40 Purple Sandpiper were on Spannholmane on the 1st. Little Stint were noted with two on Spannanes on the 17th and two on Helganes on the 31st. Most of the tringa waders were noted in moderate numbers throughout the month. Two Wood Sandpipers flew over on the 2nd and a Spotted Redshank on the 8th are worth mentioning. Even though there are nearby colonies at Skudenes Kittiwake were noted only with an adult and a juvenile on the 6th. Puffin were last noted with 20 birds on Spannholmane on the 1st and two from Pedleneset on the 6th. Otherwise it was a bit early for large passage numbers of Fulmar and Gannet. A Sooty Shearwater passed Pedleneset on the 7th while Manx Shearwater were noted with singles on the 3rd and 6th an two on the 7th.


Extended periods with stable high pressure with fine weather and wind from the NW, replaced by SW and W winds did not give so many new passerines in August. A Cuckoo was reported on the 23rd, the autumns first Wryneck at Klovning on the 21st, and the first indication of invasion species in the form of a Great Spotted Woodpecker in Varen on the 19th, Herberg on the 20th and in Merkeskogen on the 23rd. Two Carrion Crow were present throughout the month with a new bird on the 31st. There were few warblers, with only a Wood Warbler and an Icterine Warbler in Merkeskogen on the 24th and the years first Barred Warbler at the same location the following day worth mentioning. A Twite was at Aust on the 6th and there was a small passage of Common Crossbill, with 25 on the 20th and 18 on the 23rd in Merkeskogen.


The last two days gave SE winds, and Atle was rewarded with a juvenile Citrine Wagtail in Nordvik on the 30th and 31st and Øystein with a juvenile Rosy Starling in Sørevågen on the 31st. The Rosy Starling relocated to Nordvik with the Starling flock later in the day.


rosenstær2 atle aug2022


The weather was not conclusive for ringing, but nevertheless there seven days of ringing in Merkeskogen, with a total of 113 birds ringed of 23 different species. The best day was the 24th when 28 birds were ringed. Garden Warbler (8), Willow Warbler (7) and Pied Flycatcher (4) were the most numerous). Most notable records were a Barred Warbler, a Wood Warbler and an Icterine Warbler. The previous year resulted in 96 birds ringed of 18 species in five days of ringing in Merkeskogen.


Year ticks:
August resulted in nine new birds for the year: Sooty Shearwater (7th), Spotted Redshank (8th), Little Stint (17th), Great Spotted Woodpecker (19th), Ruff (24th), Barred Warbler and Pallid Harrier (25th), Citrine Wagtail (30th) and Rosy Starling (31st).


Rarities/Local scarcities:
13th record of Pallid Harrier, last in May 2020
28th record of Citrine Wagtail, last in September 2021
41st record of Rosy Starling, the last in August 2021


sitronerle atle aug2022