Monthly report January 2022


General: coverage and weather
Warmest day was 8.6degC (14th), and the coldest -1.5degC (19th). There was a total of 135.7 mm precipitation during the month, with the most on one day 19.6mm (29th). There was a total of 22 days with precipitation. Highest wind speed was 28.9m/s (29th). Strongest gust was measured as hurricane force 41.4m/s. There were only 5 days with winds lower than a gale and wind under 40 km/h. Snow free, sur and challenging conditions. Number of species ended on 46 versus 53 last year.


Four different species. White-tailed Eagle were observed daily with one to two birds. A female Hen Harrier was around Skare and Klovning briefly on the 31st. Sparrowhawks were noted with various single observations throughout the month, with two on the 11th, otherwise reports of the local Peregrine Falcons.


A Greylag Goose was present from the 8th until months end. A male Widgeon was on Måkskittmyr on the 1st and 2nd. Goldeneye and Red-breasted Merganser from November were still present on the 1st and 16th respectively. In addition there were three Red-breasted mergansers on the west on the 1st. A Curlew was on Rabbajorde until the end of the month. A total of 50 Purple Sandpipers passed NW on the 22nd. Woodcocks were noted with one to two birds until the 26th. Snipe were reported with one to three birds throughout the month. There was still a few feeding Kittiwakes with a maximum of 300 on the 1st, otherwise upwards of 25 birds.


Storspove januar 2022 web

An impressive auk movement on the 23rd resulted in 1285 Razorbills passing north at Jupevikshaugen. On the same day and location there were two Little Auk, a Guillemot and four Puffin.


Little in the way of passerines during the month. The first half resulted in a small rush of thrushes, with maximums of 530 Fieldfare on the 2nd and 47 Redwing on the 8th. Jackdaws and two Carrion Crows were present throughout the month. A large flock of 16-17 Rock Pipit arrived on the 22nd together with a single Meadow Pipit. The Rock Pipits were present in Veito until the end of the month. Starlings were noted with between 8 and 20 birds thoughout the month.


Svartkråke januar 2022 web


No activity


Year ticks:
The years first month resulted in 46 birds and therefore new birds for the year on Utsira.


Rarities/local scarcities:
Largest passage of Razorbills.