Monthly report July 2022


General: coverage and weather:
Highest temperature was 21.8 degC (1st), and lowest 10.6 degC (14th). Total rainfall was 85.7mm. Most rainfall in one day was 12.4mm (7th). Strongest wind speed was 23.2 m/s (3rd) and highest average wind was 18.47 m/s. A total of 70 different species were recorded, a good deal well under the previous years 86.


There were few raptors during the month on Utsira. Sveinung had a fine flyover Honey Buzzard on the 19th, otherwise only a Kestrel on the 30th.


tårnfalk Utsira juli 2022 hhe


60 to 70 local geese have been present throughout the month otherwise few ducks, only two Common Scoter at Lausingen are worth a mention. The Quail from June was still at Skjeldemarka until the 15th. There were a few summer records of Lapwing with a single on the 2nd, three on the 19th and a juvenile on the 31st. Golden Plover were noted with singles on the 26th and 31st. Other waders appeared from the middle of the month, where Turnstone were noted with a maximum of 14 on the 29th, Sanderling with a maximum of 17 on the 18th, and Purple Sandpiper with a maximum of 45 on the 29th, mainly on Spannholmane and Lausingen. Otherwise there were six Knot on the 20th and a Wood Sandpiper passing SE at Aust on the 31st.


sandløper Utsira juli 2022 hhe


An extra trip out to Spannholmane to collect GPS data on the 11th resulted in 120 Guillemot, 15 Razorbill, 20 Black Guillemot and 14 Puffin. Two Manx Shearwater passed on the 12th, and then another on the 26th.


lunde Utsira juli 2022 hhe


Few notable records from this group. Two Carrion Crows were stationary throughout the month. Robin and Chaffinch are normal breeders and this was again proven in Herberg. Sedge Warbler were noted feeding young in Veito on the 31st. A pair of Reed Warbler were by the pond in Merkeskogen on the 30th, and a bird singing there on the 31st. Summer records of Blue-headed Wagtail, with one in Herberg on the 5th and a female Hawfinch at the same location on the 4th were more unusual. Twite are also less then annual breeders, but reports in both May and June resulted in two adults and four young in Måbjør on the 26th.


bergirisk Utsira juli 2022 hhe


Crossbill were noted with up to 50 birds on the 30th and a male on the 31st.


There was no ringing during the month.


Year ticks:
The only new species for the year was a Knot on the 20th.


Rarities/local scarcities:
26th record of Honey Buzzard, the last in May this year.